What We Do

Our firm has earned a high level of trust for providing thoughtful, strategic advice in the political process. We draw on our experience and knowledge to help clients develop calculated approaches to all aspects of the legislative process.

Political Consulting

We understand that achieving policy objectives requires more than just winning at the capitol. Mendez Barkis provides a holistic approach to legislative advocacy that includes membership awareness and mobilization as well as candidate endorsement and campaign giving.

  • We help organizations engage their membership in grassroots activities.
  • We provide membership education and training.
  • We write legislative summaries and updates for organizational communications.
  • We assist in coordinating legislative lobby days.
  • We help with candidate surveys and interviews.
  • We analyze vote records to create legislative scorecards.
  • We organize and host fundraisers.
  • We advise political action committees.
  • We manage issue campaigns.


Once we have laid the foundation for your legislative success, we put our experience at the capitol to work for you.

  • We work with bill drafters and fiscal analysts.
  • We provide accurate information.
  • We manage conflicts between legislators, lobbyists and stakeholders.
  • We work with members of the executive branch, including state agency representatives and members of the Governor’s staff.
  • We count votes.